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Yes, Google has its own keyword tool. Because it comes straight from Google, you can bet your bottom dollar that using it will yield you better Google search engine results page (SERP) rankings than depending on other keyword tools for the simple fact that it's also made by Google. To be more specific, this keyword tool can assist you in building a base keyword list for your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and organic search efforts... plus it's free of charge to boot!

The Limitations and Shortcomings of the Google Keyword Tool

With that said, the application does come with its own list of shortcomings. Because it's freeware, it doesn't possess some of the more detailed and user-friendly functionalities of propriety keyword tool software that's available in the market. At any rate, here are the specific limitations of the keyword tool:

  • Lack of Guidance: As expected of freeware, this keyword tool merely dumps a list of keywords for your perusal. It's up to you, the webmaster, to sort them out or figure out what to do with them in SEO terms.
  • Unorganized Output: Instead of the program organizing the keywords it provides for you, you'll have to sort out everything yourself using third-party software like Microsoft Excel and the like.
  • No Competitive Edge: The Google Keyword Tool is free, which means anyone can download it and use it for their purposes. Therefore, you won't get a significant advantage over competitors by using this application.
  • It's Just an Assisting Tool: Proper keyword research remains something that the person in charge of SEO should do. You cannot rely on the Google Keyword Tool to do all your keyword research for you, especially if you're in the later stages of web development.

Keyword research remains the webmaster's responsibility. It should be a regular part of his job. Tools like the Google Keyword Tool provide only a one-time method for keyword research. It should at best give you an idea of how to go about your keyword investigation. You cannot depend on this freeware application if you're paying for these keywords to bring in visitors to your website.

What the Google Keyword Tool Can Do To Help You Get Started

Using the Google Keyword Tool to get started (as opposed to keep going) is a viable course of action. Since it's already available for every webmaster to use, you might as well take advantage of this freebie of sorts.

The tool is best utilized when it comes to websites that are at the early stages of web design and creation. That's because it doesn't compare to pay-sites providing keyword research services at the advanced phases of the development cycle.

The Google Keyword Tool is particularly beneficial when it comes to finding some general terms related to key phrases you've come up with as well as offering a set base of Google keywords. It can even help you come up with keywords that you might not have thought up otherwise by yourself.

The tool even offers a global search data feature and other metrics to assist you in deciphering whether or not a given keyword is worth using or not. The bottom line here is that when it comes to setting up the foundations of your website it doesn't hurt to try out the features of the Google Keyword Tool.

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