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Many companies believe in the importance and effectiveness of “B2B marketing,” especially if done within LinkedIn. But firstly, for those not so familiar yet – what is B2B marketing, and what is LinkedIn?

B2B means “business to business” – providing important tools, solutions, subscriptions, products, and services that other businesses may need to thrive further; it’s not for not the regular consumer. Therefore, B2B marketing is a campaign targeted specifically to the departments and individuals who make the purchasing decisions for their company.

Many groups do these campaigns on LinkedIn, an employment-centered social media network that connects professionals and businesses for career development. It’s like Facebook – status updates, photos, profiles, texts, friend requests, messaging – but is hyper-focused on hiring, mentoring, leading, and networking.

Is B2B LinkedIn advertising worth it? Well, the fact that many companies invest in B2B marketing with LinkedIn advertising means it has proven effective in gaining leads. But today, we’re going to tackle why these companies do so by discovering the value of B2B marketing with LinkedIn advertising.

It’s the most impactful out of all social media platforms.

For the sole purpose of connecting with other companies and bringing awareness to your brand, LinkedIn is the way to go – and is considered the most effective out of all social media platforms in acquiring potential hires, business partners, and even customers.

People sign up and browse through LinkedIn with a clear goal already in mind – to do business in the quickest, most convenient way possible, in the comfort of their homes.

There is a higher chance of sales on LinkedIn – why? The vast majority of LinkedIn users are considered decisive and focused – with many of them being top-level executives, presidents, and HR team leaders. These are people used to making deals on-the-spot.

Also, you’re bound to encounter your target markets on this site more than if it were on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, which are all very saturated platforms of varying content, created by a hodgepodge of users with different interests and backgrounds.

On LinkedIn, content is streamlined – from entrepreneurship, career development, to hiring tips even. Long-form blog posts and thought pieces are read – even looked for – unlike on Twitter or Facebook, where the less words, “the better.”

According to a LinkedIn study, more than 50% of traffic to businesses’ websites and blogs are generated from LinkedIn clicks, with billions of content impressions on the site, which makes the importance of B2B marketing using LinkedIn ads even more pressing.

A professional LinkedIn presence could mean conversion.

Just like any other social media profile, a strong, clear presence on LinkedIn for your brand could be the make-or-break of any potential sale or lead.

In a HubSpot study, LinkedIn is 277% more effective in gaining leads than Facebook and Twitter – why? Because networking is essential, and LinkedIn makes it easier to connect with others, especially if your brand’s credibility shines on the site.

You’re not resorting to spam emails, advertisements, or sponsored content – you’re invested in making sure your business’ messaging is instantly clear to whoever stumbles on your profile. People are generally more inclined to trust companies that appear credible, well-spoken, well-liked, successful, and are well-connected to fellow businesses and consumers.

Imagine – just turning your company profile into a strong lead generation page by adding well-taken, catchy graphics, concise but catchy copy, amping up your work portfolio with awards, achievements, and peer reviews, as well as posting well-written blogs, posts, and even insightful comments on others’ posts can urge a visitor to click that “See More” or “Connect” button – the crucial gateway to generating leads; a vital conversion action via just a click to your website, which proves the value of LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn fosters authentic connection and strong networks.

Once you’ve pinpointed your target market, it is now easier for your company to adjust your tone, content, and online behavior to better suit them and attract them.

People naturally gravitate towards relatable people and content, so take advantage of this reality – knowing how to speak and how to communicate what you offer in a simple, relatable way is key in gaining true connections, loyal customers, and even solid friends in the industry.

The great thing about LinkedIn is it isn’t hard to showcase an authentic, easygoing, and warm persona – it’s all in the actions you take while on the site. Are you always on the hunt for related posts and articles of other employers and brands, generous with likes and supportive comments? Sooner or later, you’ll be noticed.

Are you consistent in posting daily motivational quotes or photos? Soon, you’ll be known for that, and will be followed by countless users who appreciate your positivity. Are you always the first to update your status with relevant information, statistics, or thought pieces? Top-level executives and users hungry for info will follow you in an instant.

Information-seeking and connection-hungry LinkedIn users will give you the clicks you need, and the engagement your company profile deserves. Remember that transactions aren’t a one-time, quick thing – they’re usually earned from fostering a long-time relationship built on camaraderie and trust. Popularity is worked for, and not given – and knowing how to harness LinkedIn to gain a respectful, likable, genuine, and well-known name is of utter importance.

So, is B2B LinkedIn advertising worth it? It can be, and it usually is – as long as you put in the work!

We know you have the passion to succeed. Luckily, we at Marketing Ignite have the passion to help you do so. We help you achieve your business goals by allowing you to unlock your brand’s potential through the hyper-targeted ad campaigns we craft for you on LinkedIn.

With over two decades of digital marketing expertise and as a LinkedIn Advertising Agency, Marketing Ignite will help boost your business by converting clicks into sales, and visitors into loyal customers.

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  1. Hi Johan, this is a wonderful article. LinkedIn, no doubt, is a great and authentic networking platform, and day by day, people benefit from it in many ways. And the B2B marketing over LinkedIn comes as a cherry on the top of the cake. This article will definitely help a lot of people. I would like to read more about it. Also using business cards can be of great use while advertising for the business.

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