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Tik Tok is the hottest new social media platform for young people today- and it’s taking the marketing world by storm. New Tik Tok marketing agencies are springing up every week, and it’s difficult to discern who is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the platform vs. who actually has the digital marketing chops to make a successful campaign.

If you’re considering consulting with a Tik Tok ads agency, look no further: Marketing Ignite provides Tik Tok ads services and has digital marketing experience since 1998. You can trust us to develop a strong, comprehensive campaign that delivers the conversions you need to the audiences you want to target.

Already convinced that we’re the best Tik Tok marketing agency in the game? Perfect! Contact us here today for a free, no-obligation consultation. If you want to learn more about us before jumping in, no worries, just keep reading! We’re going to walk you through our coveted campaign development process and tell you why we’re the best Tik Tok ads agency in the business.

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Is Tik Tok right for me?

Tik Tok is relatively new to the app store and is already approaching a billion users. While Tik Tok is primarily used by younger audiences, we can filter your campaign by gender, age, location, languages, and interests, making it suitable for any audience. If you tell us your target audience, we’ll attract them.

With this magnitude of users and the ability to display full-screen ads, Tik Tok marketing is high-impact and really powerful. With the ability to generate massive brand awareness and huge increases in website traffic and conversions, it’s truly a no-brainer for companies around the world. If you’re unsure if Tik Tok is right for you, our on-staff Tik Tok experts would be happy to consult with you. Click here to book a consultation (it’s free!).

How does Marketing Ignite perform Tik Tok ads services?

As an established Tik Tok marketing agency in Bangkok Thailand, we have a dedicated process that’s been proven to deliver results for our clients. When you choose Marketing Ignite as your Tik Tok agency, rest assured that we’ll introduce you to this development process and walk you through each step.

Whether you’re looking for increases in app installation, more web traffic, or boosted conversions as your goal for marketing on Tik Tok, we can make it happen. Here’s how:

  1. Initial Consultation

    Our top priority is for your campaign to meet your specific marketing goals. As such, we always begin our client relationships with an in-depth consultation. Together, we will identify your target audience, campaign goals, preferred strategy, competitors, and budget. This ensures that we’re in alignment about the foundational elements of your campaign and allows us to begin building the actual advertisements.

    Don’t worry- we’re not going to pressure you into working with us. All initial consultations are completely free and without obligation. If we’re not the perfect fit, no hard feelings! That said, we promise to do everything in our power to meet your digital marketing needs.

  2. Campaign Set-Up

    Once we’ve laid out the groundwork, our experts get straight to work! We will take care of everything related to set-up and ad development. With in-house Tik Tok experts, copywriters, and designers, we can develop your ideal campaign entirely in-house. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

    Our ad development services are comprehensive- we’ll supply the graphics, copy, music, influencers, etc. We also take care of the ad placement within Tik Tok. If you need a Tik Tok account, we’ll also set it up for you. While we’re at it, we will program in your advertising objectives, target audience, and scheduling. As you can see, we really do take care of everything. Once you approve our plan, we can launch (and you get to watch the conversions roll in!).

  3. Campaign Measurement

    Launching your Tik Tok campaign is only half the battle. As a comprehensive Tik Tok marketing agency, we monitor your campaign’s key metrics to ensure we’re on track to meet your goals. To do so, we use Tik Tok’s in house performance dashboard, in addition to expert interpretation from our digital marketing team.

    If areas in need of improvement are noted, we’ll consult with you about your options and adjust your campaign as necessary. Likewise, if your campaign is performing according to plan, we’ll be sure to let you know.

  4. Campaign Reporting

    We’ll never leave you in the dark about where your campaign stands. With in-depth monthly updates, you’ll always know how your Tik Tok ads are performing in relation to your goals. Of course, if you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to your dedicated account manager at any time. We want you to be excited about your campaign, so we’ll always take the time to properly address your comments.

Why should I choose Marketing Ignite as my Tik Tok agency?

We’re Thailand’s #1 Tik Tok marketing agency- we’ve been following Tik Tok since it was first introduced to the world of social media and although it’s a new platform, we understand it intimately. Combine this expertise with our dedication to high-quality digital marketing, and you’ve got a recipe for success. We know we can make your Tik Tok ads campaign exceed your expectations, but in case you need some convincing, let us prove this to you.

  1. We have the testimonials to back up our claims

    As we said before, with the rise of Tik Tok as a new social media platform comes the rise of new digital marketing agencies. They don’t have customers raving about their services just yet, but we do. You won’t regret trusting us with your Tik Tok campaign- just visit our testimonials page and read our case studies! Will you be our next success story? We hope so.

  2. We offer top-notch customer service

    When you need us, we’re here. You can call us Monday through Saturday to speak with a Tik Tok ads services expert. Whether you have questions, comments, or concerns, we want to hear you out. Whenever we can make your experience with Marketing Ignite even better, we’ll jump at the opportunity- we’re the top Tik Tok marketing agency in Thailand for a reason!

  3. We have roots in digital marketing

    We’ve been in the business since 1998. This means we’ve worked with businesses across multiple industries, big and small, and with all sizes of budget. Whatever you need, we have experience in that field and experts ready to work with you to design your dream campaign. If you would like to reach us to learn more about our vast experience, just click here.

    If you’re ready to advertise on the world’s hottest new social media platform, you need an experienced, world-class Tik Tok marketing agency to make your campaign a success. Luckily, you found us: Thailand’s best Tik Tok ads agency. To opt-in to your free, no-obligation consultation, click here. We can’t wait to work with you!

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