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Tips for Title Tag SEO

Posted By: Johan Hedin About the author

If you're looking for a quick way to improve the SEO of your website, then consider making use of your title tags. The title tag is text featured at the top of your browser window. It labels what the page is about, more often than not (e.g., the main page is labeled as the main page and so forth). Arguably, these tags may be the most important SEO tags you have on hand. The majority of search engines display sixty to seventy characters from your title tag. A tag that is too long will be cut off at around seventy characters on the SERP (search engine results page).

Why Title Tags Are SEO-Friendly

Because spammers and webmasters alike abused keyword tags during the infancy of the Internet, the title tag has eventually become the most important tag you have that'll help you achieve high index rankings on the web's top search engines. To be true, modifying your title tag is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to gain a significant boost in your SERP rankings.

In terms of the algorithmic weight given to title tags by the majority of search engines, there's no denying the importance of title tags in SEO terms. In many ways, they're as equally important to your website's search engine visibility as back links and visible text copy. Tragically, even though this is supposed to be common knowledge among the SEO community for over a decade, it's still overlooked and altogether discarded by webmasters.

The Title Tag and Your Company Name

Title tags are one of the best places on your website to put your company name in, truth be told. You can even place it at the beginning of the tag, if you so choose. In case your company is a well-established and popular brand, it's quite essential to take advantage of the existence of the title tag and put your company name there. Even if you're just a small business, putting your company name in the title tag is the perfect opportunity to gain popularity for your brand in case your website becomes a huge success.

On the other hand, you shouldn't put only your company name in the title tag. Feel free to add some descriptive phrases on the tag because it should enhance your brand as well as improve your chances in the SERP rankings. The descriptions are for those who aren't aware of your company or your brand (prospective customers); you regular customers should be able to find your website by name anyway, so why not cater to others as well?

The SEO Benefits of Title Tags

Search engine crawlers and spiders tend to utilize title tags as their means for determining a given page's main topic. This is the reason why webmasters should place their keywords in the title itself, specifically close to the beginning of the title. Moreover, because the title tag's words are often the text that appears on the clickable link on the SERP, changing them for SEO purposes could gain you more clicks and visitors as well.

To reiterate, fixing your title tags to be more SEO-friendly is a surefire way of improving your SERP rankings. For instance, let's say you have a podcast and video site about political news that offers info and updates on current events. You decided that that the most crucial keywords for your website are "current events" and "political news". In this instance, a page title that states, "The Largest Online Political News and Current Events Show on the Internet" is highly pertinent to the topic of your site.

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