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If you want to promote your business online, then you have to adopt very efficient SEO strategies, which is hard at first, but effective if you persist. Optimizing online promotion can be done with the following tips that will help you to build successful SEO strategies:

1. Incorporate reviews by users on the product pages

Your search rankings in Google will rise if your user activity is prominent. A lot of new customers are inclined to join if they see positive reviews about the product from other users who have tried the product and liked it.

2. Regularly update your homepage section

A website should be dynamic and interesting to the users, hence, make sure you include updates on a regular basis. You could insert twitter updates or recent blog posts to make sure that your users are hooked on.

3. Target keywords on all the vital pages

The various pages must be assigned specific keywords that are relevant especially in the meta description and title page.

4. Incorporate product images and description

Make use of the target keywords within the description of the product and for the product images, use the Alt text attribute that will enhance the relevance scores.es.

5. Get rid of duplicate content

Make sure that you fix the URL canonicalization of your site, else it might create confusion when another URL version shows up. To do that, check your product pages through Copyscape.

6. Incorporate linkable pages

You could add certain pages to your site that would inform and educate your users. Try to insert unique content that will enhance the ‘likeability’ of your site. You could link awards, blogs, resource pages, infographics and many such pages.

7. Add a video sitemap

Inserting a video sitemap is a very good way to generate traffic and increase your search rankings for keywords that are very competitive.

8. Insert a blog section

A blog is extremely beneficial as it generates more traffic because blog posts increase the search ranking and also helps you to develop a bond with your readers by interacting with them.

9. Include a page for product comparison

Product comparison is a feature that will help your users greatly while making purchases and it also generates a lot of internal links to your leading products.

10. Encourage your users through various incentives

You could include various incentives like coupons, discounts and freebies in order to encourage your users to give a positive review about your product. Gaining positive reviews from customers is a sure shot way to increase your search rankings.

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