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If you’re new to the web hosting game, you might be at a loss to explain why the importance of a reliable web hosting service is so highly emphasized in hosting circles. Understanding the reasons behind choosing a reliable service is the key to getting the most out of web hosting. Below are the top three reasons that you should choose a reliable service for your web hosting needs.

Uptime Guarantee

One of the least discussed, yet most important requirements in a web host is that they make your site available at all times. Cheaper web hosting packages were prone to lots of downtime. The basic entry level web hosting packages were never designed for business operations. They were designed for hobbyists and amateur pursuits.  The most often come with no backup servers, so if any upgrades or work are being done to the server, this frequently involved a lot of downtime for the websites that were hosted on the server. A reliable web hosting service, and one that has businesses in mind, will provide an uptime guarantee. An uptime guarantee is a promise that your website will never go down and that customers will always be able to access your page. A guarantee like this is extremely important for websites that can’t afford to go down, even for a few minutes.

Web Traffic

Another reason for choosing a reliable web hosting service – and it’s a reason that goes along with an uptime guarantee – is that it can accommodate any increase in traffic. Imagine running a successful marketing campaign through your website only to be let down by traffic overload and server crashes. As you well know if you’re involved with the web, web traffic is one of the most important day-to-day aspects of any online business – without it you can’t make any money. Reliable web hosting services guarantee that visitors will always be able to access your site, that it will be running smoothly, that page loads will always be quick, and that site backups are all but non-existent.


Finally, security is an important reason – perhaps even the most important – for choosing a reliable web hosting service. If you just choose any old service, you could be sacrificing both your own personal security, the security of your business, and the security of your customers. Transactions over the internet require the exchange of personal data. Loss of business data, or having that data end up in the wrong hands could decimate your business reputation, and the news will spread fast far and wide over the internet. Reliable web hosts use incredibly secure encryption programs to make sure that credit card and other money-related information stays out of the hands of hackers and other online criminals.

Web hosting is the backbone of every online business and website. Reliable web hosting is the backbone of every successful online business and website. If you care about your customers, their security, and the success of your online business, then there is no reason that you should not choose a reliable web hosting service.

Bill Nixon has extensive experience consulting businesses on their web hosting needs. His articles mainly appear on business blogs where he enjoys sharing his insights. A good place to start when deciding on a webhost for your business is to see reviews and ratings of hosts.

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