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Did you know that your website has less than 3 seconds to capture the users attention or they will click the “back button” and never to return again. Is this the case with your website? How do you expect to sell something if your website cannot even create an interesting headline or something catchy that will get the users attention to continue reading?

Again, many users abandon the website here because your website has not created enough interest to keep reading. To keep your webcopy interesting, you need to build benefit driven sales copy (compared to feature based) and also implement effective web psychology elements such as emotional triggers and drivers.

Just like personal selling, your webcopy needs the necessary marketing elements to take the user through all the different sales steps all the way down to the order button, which can be very challenging. Effective web copywriting is an art but also a science and very few people understand it or have done any in-depth studies about it.

The most successful websites (high converting web sites) use unnoticeable web psychology, emotional drivers, benefit driven copy as well as a strategic sales process. You can only have a high converting website if you have solid understanding of web psychology and an understanding what makes people take action on your website. Unfortunately, many website owners write their own webcopy without this knowledge and experience. As a consequence the end results are usually not as expected.

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So What Is The Effect On Your Bottomline Sales With A High Converting Website?

Let’s say you receive 100 visitors and one person signs up (a.k.a 1% conversion ratio). How much more revenue would you make if your website converts at 5%, 10% or even 15%? As you can see, this can make a significant impact on your bottom line sales.

Not only would your website generate more sales, but the advertising campaigns that did not work for you in the past (because of a low website conversion), are all of a sudden working well. All too often, we blame the advertising source, when in fact, it’s the website that is converting poorly and does NOT contain all necessary elements for the user to get excited about your product and take action.

With digital marketing experience since 1998, we can implement effective sales copy and marketing elements that will make your website sell. Not only will we implement effective sales copy, but we will also use tools that will help your website convert more. We will ensure that we will take care of all critical elements that are necessary to make your website successful.

In addition to this, you will not only benefit from a professional written webcopy, but we will also optimize it for SEO to help your website gain top placements in Google.

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