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We are a highly experienced (22 years) Internet Marketing and Web Design and Development Company in Bangkok, Thailand, Providing High Quality Results, Quick Turn-Over at Very Affordable Rate. We Serve Clients Worldwide at International Standards. Would you agree that one of the most important factors which determines whether you will become successful selling your products/services online is the website itself? Although this may sound very obvious, many website owners still make the same mistake over and over again, as I am about to show you as you read on. A website is like having only one sales person and you rely all your sales through this source. Your website must be a lean mean selling machine or you are out of business. Throwing up a beautiful looking website on the internet is a very easy task for most website design companies. However, very few websites actually perform well (i.e. conversion ratio of 10% or more). The rest of the websites are just sitting there collecting dust and the website owner wonders why his/her products/services are not selling. The real challenge is to make a website that is ‘so called sticky’ and converts into customers. Designers and marketers are two separate fields and using only the designer, your website will not sell as much as you would hope for. Both must work closely hand in hand to ensure ALL THE ELEMENTS are included to maximize your website sales performance (conversion rate).

The sad truth AND THE BIG MISTAKE that most companies make is to hire a web design company to make them a website, but then IGNORE hiring an experienced internet marketer to inject effective marketing strategies to the website. Consequently, the website owner finds out later that his products/services are NOT selling and therefore eventually shuts down the operation (although there is nothing wrong with his/her products/services). We have seen many website owners rushing to set up a website and start selling, to find out later that their original plan did not work out as intended. Not only does your website have to be marketed well, but the structure of your site has to be constructed in a way that is search engine friendly in order to show up high in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Live Search engine (Formerly MSN). At Marketing Ignite, we will not only make a professional web design, but at the same time, implement proven and effective marketing techniques (web psychology, search engine friendly structure, and overall website stickyness etc.) to enhance your website conversion and thus maximize your sales performance. With over 22 years of experience in web design and internet marketing, you can rest assured that we will take care of all the critical elements that are necessary to make your website successful.

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