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In case you haven’t heard, Yahoo and Bing have partnered up. When it comes to marketing, this means that if you purchase a Yahoo Ad, it will also gain exposure on Bing’s platform. It’s double the ad exposure, which can lead to double the conversions if you develop the ad properly that is!

While marketing novices may write off Bing/Yahoo as a marketing tool, here at Marketing Ignite, we know better. With over 20 years of experience as a Bing/Yahoo Ads agency, we help our clients thrive by maximizing the potential of every tool available to them including Yahoo/Bing! With millions of users, these search engines should not be taken lightly. We have an intimate understanding of Yahoo/Bing’s user base and best practices to ensure our clients get big results from these smaller search engines.

Not sure if Yahoo/Bing Ads are for you? Don’t worry, that’s normal! We hear so much about the most popular forms of digital marketing, social media and Google, that other platforms sometimes fall by the wayside. It can be difficult to decide which marketing strategies are best for you amongst so many choices. Read on to learn about Yahoo/Bing Ads and how to leverage them to grow your company.

Doesn’t Bing Have a Reputation for Having a Small User Base?

Bing might not be the largest search engine in the game, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in competitive pricing. Yahoo/Bing ads are significantly cheaper compared to Google Ads, which gives you the opportunity to reach a targeted audience for less.

If you’re a small-to-medium business, you likely have a limited marketing budget. Every dollar of ad spend counts. Yahoo/Bing Ads agencies understand this and help you get more results for less cash by using their expertise to develop effective, targeted campaigns and ads. Marketing Ignite in particular offers small-to-medium business friendly pricing for Yahoo/Bing Ads services. If you’re interested, give us a call!

Why Would I Choose Yahoo/Bing Ads Over Google Ads?

Technically, you don’t have to choose one or the other. In fact, Microsoft allows you to pull an existing Google Ads campaign into Yahoo/Bing. This permits marketers to play around with the same ad on multiple search engines to determine which audience is better suited to their needs. If you’re not super familiar with marketing campaigns, let alone how to transition them between platforms, we recommend consulting with a Yahoo/Bing Ads management agency.

Low-Cost Conversions

If volume is the name of your marketing game, you should go with Google Ads. However, if you want low-cost conversions, Yahoo/Bing should be your go-to. In fact, many companies report higher ROIs with Bing compared to Google Ads because the price of advertising is so much lower! What’s amazing about Yahoo/Bing is that you can continue to grow your business effectively for less cash.

Diverse Audiences

It’s also worth noting that Google and Yahoo/Bing have drastically different audiences; they fluctuate by geographical location, age, wealth, and more. At Marketing Ignite, we’re familiar with the nuances of each platform’s audience and can nudge you in the right direction if you’re not sure which is best for you.

Unique Features

Finally, Yahoo/Bing offers some unique features. We enjoy taking advantage of ad group-level targeting for our clients, especially when it comes to assigning different ad campaigns to different time zones. If you’re a company that delivers products/services internationally, you need a search engine like Yahoo/Bing to effectively appeal to the audiences within each time zone.

Yahoo/Bing also permits device targeting. This means that if you know that the majority of sales come through desktop users, you can use Yahoo/Bing to target desktop users exclusively. This makes for more efficient ad spend overall. Yahoo/Bing Ads also have the capability to pursue remarketing, which essentially offers you a second-chance to draw a potential consumer back into your sales funnel.

Is Advertising with Yahoo/Bing Small Business Budget-Friendly?

Yahoo/Bing is an extremely economical option for businesses with a tight marketing budget. We have seen 30-60% cheaper CPC prices (depending on the keyword phrase and industry) compared to Google Ads. The latter can get very competitive bid-wise, which adds up fast. At Marketing Ignite, we know how to take advantage of Yahoo/Bing’s lesser competition for bids to create a cost-efficient ad campaign.

Additionally, Yahoo/Bing doesn’t charge companies a minimum fee to advertise with them, resulting in additional cost savings. In fact, companies only pay when customers click their ads.

Yahoo/Bing also allows companies to set daily budgets to ensure that you’re always spending within your means. Marketing Ignite can help you to determine an appropriate Yahoo/Bing Ads campaign that will allow you to reach your growth and sales goals while keeping within your budget.

If you’re concerned about your ad spend, we highly recommend consulting with a Yahoo/Bing Ads agency to ensure your campaign is as efficient as possible. For example, here at Marketing Ignite, we combine research software with technical know-how to develop evidence-based campaigns. We can recommend industry strategies that are best suited to your goals and develop campaigns that appeal to your target audience to maximize your ROI. A strong Yahoo/Bing Ads campaign is a profitable campaign!

How Can I Make a Strong Yahoo/Bing Ad Campaign?

An effective Yahoo/Bing Ad campaign takes brainpower, research, and constant adjustments for optimization. At Marketing Ignite, our experts carefully hand-pick the keywords that are the most closely related to what your target audience is searching for (and that you meet their need for), develop a competitive bid within your budget, and make the ad itself as appealing as possible to not only the search engine algorithm, but potential customers. It’s a lot to handle, but we’ve got the experience to make it happen.

If you’re not in the marketing sphere already, we don’t recommend jumping into digital advertising. This isn’t something that can be done effectively off the side of your desk. Instead, we recommend consulting with a Yahoo/Bing Ads agency that can provide marketing services and manage your campaign(s) for you. This is how we here at Marketing Ignite like to set up our clients for success with Yahoo/Bing Ads:

  • Initial Consultation and Set-Up of Yahoo/Bing Ads Campaigns

    As a results-oriented Yahoo/Bing Ads management agency, we approach every Yahoo/Bing campaign with a laser targeted strategy. We’ll use our research tools to conduct an in-depth demographic analysis and identify the most relevant keywords to your campaign.

  • Evidence-Based Development

    Next, we use our carefully curated research to develop the actual advertisement(s). This includes services like copywriting and graphic design. The end-result is a visually appealing, targeted ad.

  • Management/Optimization

    Once your ad campaign is launched, Marketing Ignite acts as a management agency to handle everything. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Along the way, while we ensure everything is running smoothly, we’ll also suggest potential improvements based on the latest evidence

  • Data Driven Reviews

    We strive to deliver the best results, every time. This involves a process of constant iteration, which can include anything from A/B testing, to changing a target audience demographic, or adding/removing specific keywords. We vow to do everything possible to set you up for success.

Why Should I Use Marketing Ignite to Manage My Yahoo/Bing Ads?

We’re an Established Industry Leader

We have experience since 1998, so we’ve been studying digital marketing since its inception. We have helped hundreds of international clients, so we’ve seen and done it all. Let us use our industry expertise to help your company develop an effective Yahoo/Bing marketing campaign to meet your growth goals.

Our Testimonials Speak Volumes

Don’t take our expertise at face value. We have dozens of testimonials that speak to our ability to create and execute top-notch marketing campaigns. We welcome you to visit the testimonials page and case studies to read about past clients’ experiences. We’re certain that you’ll be impressed!

We Offer Reliable Customer Support

While we always strive for perfection in our projects, we’re not perfect. If you ever encounter a problem or have a question about your marketing campaign, we are accessible to you. With representatives at the ready Monday through Saturday via email, phone, or online chat, we are able to quickly and efficiently resolve your concerns. Your satisfaction is important to us, so don’t be shy to reach out.

Yahoo/Bing Ads is typically an area of untapped potential for businesses. Whether you’re looking to develop a brand-new ad campaign, transition an existing campaign to a new platform, or you simply want to explore your digital marketing options, it’s worth giving us a call.

We offer free, no-obligation consultations to help you make an informed decision about your company’s marketing.

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