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The Internet has reinvented itself a multitude of times through the years, and it specifically happens whenever a new popular site is launched. Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and Twitter were vanguard sites that shifted the worldwide web paradigm since they first appeared. Every time there's a paradigm shift, it also redefines the way people go about achieving search engine optimization (SEO) for their specific website.

Different SEO Trends and the SEO Impact of Social Media

Before, getting yourself listed in the Yahoo directory was a surefire way of getting recognized in the information superhighway. Afterwards, Google came along and became popular, which had websites scrambling for ways to appear in the Google search engine results page (SERP). Later on, the social network giant known as Facebook came along and became popular, and it's become vital for businesses to have their own Facebook account with lots of friends or a Facebook fan page with a multitude of followers in order to gain higher Internet visibility.

Nowadays, it's Twitter that's making waves. The microblogging platform is so effective in publicizing most anything that many celebrities tweet in order to update their followers of their latest activities, comment on news, and start publicity stunt wars with their followers or other celebrities with a Twitter account. In short, the popular trends of the Internet dictate what medium will be used next for the sake of gaining more exposure on the worldwide web.

The SEO Benefits of Twitter

Twitter has become a relatively inexpensive way for individuals to reach thousands, even millions of individuals with the least amount of effort possible. With that said, you don't need to be a celebrity in order to gain Internet visibility and SEO benefits from Twitter. For one thing, search engines like Bing and Google are currently integrating social media in search results because it's fast becoming the voice of the new generation of netizens that cannot be silenced or ignored.

As the most widely used microblogging social network site, Twitter can supplement your website's efforts in gaining premium-grade SEO and SERP results. Topical and focused tweets, for example, are quite handy in letting Twitter users discover your account and, as a consequence, your website as well. What's more, if you're a particularly active Twitter user that has gained your own following thanks to your take on the latest news and events, this will surely assist in establishing your brand online through your positive online reputation. If your content becomes viral through Twitter, then expect a windfall in traffic-related profit.

Using Twitter to Your SEO Advantage

You can't depend on vague tweets that give random, inconsequential updates about your life. You will not be retweeted by your followers just because you made a "witty" remark about what you had for breakfast, for example. Don't waste your time and energy making up trivial tweets. Instead, build your SEO campaign and maximize the full SEO potential of your Twitter account by keeping in mind relevancy and branding when you're tweeting.

To be more specific, since your Twitter account is directly related to your business, you must pick a name that reflects your organization's brand. It should also indicate your offered products and services, such that when people retweet your posts and see your username, they can tell at a glance what your company is all about. A retweet usually happens whenever you offer quality insights on certain "trending topics" relevant to your company's field of expertise, so remember that when making your tweets as well.

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